In the summer of 2015, Virginia Tech opened one of the largest indoor practice facilities in the country. A building of this magnitude required massive artwork to complete the look and help make it the finest facility of its type in all of collegiate athletics. Virginia Tech partnered with Forty Nine Degrees to create a clean, timeless design package that covers a staggering amount of space, including three interior walls and multiple exterior banners. The football graphics on the East wall consist of 14 panels, each of which fits into an 18-foot-tall by 38-foot-wide section. The giant football helmet in the center stands approximately 31 feet tall. The size of the graphics package is only part of the story, as the scope and message of the imagery was of utmost importance. Virginia Tech wanted the graphics to not only highlight football, but also their 21 other sports, with the goal being to promote the athletic department’s core value: Strong Together.